Cultural outings

On the one hand, the smell of popcorn and a big-budget production that takes your breath away. On the other, a unique theatre and performance that involves the audience in its co-creation. Recently, our young people were able to get a taste of culture in different ways!

Łódź – meeting with the Batman

A group of our charges in Łódź went to a show of the latest film about the adventures of Batman. The climatic film, realised with visual panache, delighted the young people. And since the atmosphere in the cinema hall is conducive to absorbing entertainment with even greater fascination, emotions reached their peak!

It turned out, however, that in addition to the special effects and superhero adventures, the film became the pretext for many valuable conversations between our kids and the independence assistants. After all, the story of Bruce Wayne is about looking for answers to many difficult questions: how to cope with tremendous loss? Does it make any sense to resort to revenge, and how do we actually seek relief in a world that is surrounding us?

Warsaw – theatre, but a bit different

Charges from Warsaw took part in a performance by the Potem-o-tem theatre entitled „Po(*)łączność”. It is a story about one possible future scenario, but also about the development of divisions that make it difficult for whole societies, but also for each of us.

The interactive theatre experience was great proof for our young people that theatre is not ‘boring’ and that there is no need to run away from it. It can be fascinating, inspiring and – at the same time – simply a moment of rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A lesson in cultural interaction and… relaxation

Young people preparing to leave foster care and young people who have already left it often find it difficult to plan their leisure time independently and to open up to new forms of entertainment.

Finding a moment for yourself, peace and quiet is a challenge when suddenly there is no group of peers around and your schedule is no longer overseen by educators from the institution. Loneliness begins to overwhelm, and freedom and independence are hard to take advantage of when you have no idea how to do it.

The cultural outings we organise are another step towards independence for our charges.

Without help, this would be impossible

The cultural outings are made possible thanks to Hays commitment to supporting the development of our charges. Thank you very much!

In Łódź, the Foundation’s activities are made possible by the project “Dobry Początek” (“Good Begining”) co-financed by the European Union as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódzkie Voivodeship 2014 – 2020.

In Warsaw the Foundation’s activities are made possible thanks to funding from the Capital City of Warsaw.

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