Collection for dental treatment for children

Young people leaving orphanages often do not know how to take care of their own health. At the Foundation we teach the importance of prevention and regular visits to the doctor and dentist.

However, this knowledge is not enough, when it turns out that our charges simply cannot afford treatment.

Treatment under the National Health Fund means waiting even for months. Private treatment, on the other hand, is a big expense.

Many dental procedures are not reimbursed, and even if they are, you have to pay extra for a filling, for example.

How much did your last visit or root canal treatment cost you?

Our patients often earn the minimum wage and after paying all the fees they have a few hundred zlotys left to live on. They are not able to treat themselves only within the framework of the National Health Fund, and spending from 200 to even 1000 PLN for root canal treatment is simply unattainable for them.

We talk a lot about the development of our charges, about their fight for a better future. But how to fight this battle, when we just feel great pain and can’t do anything about it?

You can help our kids by donating any amount to this fundraiser. The donation window can be found below.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!