Renovation at the start! – Collection for the renovation of apartments of young mothers leaving orphanages

The apartment is sunny. The bathroom is big, the kitchen can be arranged nicely too. Only… it’s empty. White, bare walls and taps sticking out of them. The girl is crying and you don’t know whether these are tears of happiness or terror.

When young mothers with their children leave orphanages, they are confronted with a wall of challenges. Sometimes they are given council or social housing by the city. Despite the fact that they receive a few thousand zlotys of social support for their equipment, it is far too little to create a cosy and safe home for their child and themselves from a rough apartment. Young women are left completely alone with these problems…

We can change that! How?

Happy Way Foundation is launching a fundraiser Remont na start! Our goal is to raise funds to help renovate or equip apartments for young moms who leave foster homes.

We invite you to join our Repair Team!

The most urgent need is to renovate the apartments of two girls – Honorata and Nikola, who will soon leave the orphanages in Łódź. However, practically every month there are more young mothers who need our support.

That is why we want to raise 60 000 PLN, which will allow us to furnish first two apartments, and then a few more as the needs of our charges arise.

Thanks to this amount we will create places full of warmth, where young mothers will be able to raise their children and develop their independence. We can give them a sense of stability they have not experienced before.

Dołącz do Ekipy Remontowej już dziś!

Every donation brings us closer to our goal! There is no need to wait, with a few clicks you can donate to the girls, for example:

A roll of wallpaper: 30 PLN
2,5 liter of paint: 50 pln
Faucet for a washbasin: 120 zł
Room door: £240 And even a child’s crib or sofa: 600 zł
Make a donation in the form below and change the future of young moms and their children!
Encourage others to help! Painting caps – our trademark

Renovation is a loud undertaking. That’s why we talk about it loudly! Take a selfie in a paper painting cap and share it on social media!

Here is a video with instructions for assembling the cap

Encourage your friends to join the action!

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Renovations are not all we offer young moms

Renovation to start! is part of a much larger whole. As the Happy Way Foundation we have been supporting young people from orphanages and young people who have left the institutions and started independent life for over five years.

We also take care of young mothers leaving orphanages. We have prepared an original, comprehensive support program which includes individual pedagogical consultations, workshops developing parenting skills, meetings within a support group, therapeutic assistance, co-financing of vocational courses and further education, as well as material support in crisis situations.

Our experience shows, that work with wards brings much better effects, when they have their safe haven after leaving the institutions. Hence our help in renovating and equipping apartments. Each year, thanks to the support of donors and partners, we support several young mothers in this way! Further help can become reality thanks to you!

Make a donation in the form below and join the Renovation Crew! 🙂 .