Build the image of your company as a socially responsible enterprise and start cooperating with our Foundation. By supporting our activities you can achieve many image benefits. By getting involved in pro-social issues, you will improve your image among both your employees and your business partners. What counts for us is your willingness to cooperate and we are open to various forms of cooperation.

Financial support

Support our statutory activities by making a donation. You can do this in many ways: by involving your employees and organising a payroll collection, by supporting our activities as an entrepreneur or by becoming a patron of one of our projects (e.g. a therapy camp).

In-kind support

Our clients have very diverse needs: from shoes, basic hygiene products, food, clothes, to telephones, vocational courses, medical care. We try to meet all of them. Your company can help us by organising collections of food, clothing, or by donating used IT equipment that our charges can use.

Competence-based volunteering

Material support is important to achieve our goals, but it is not everything. If you cannot help us financially, our mentees will appreciate other forms of support. Your employees can offer them their time, their talents, their passion and skills in the form of a workshop, a lecture, becoming a mentor for one of these young people. Contact us and let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!


We are also open to other forms of cooperation, such as company events, during which you can build good relations with employees and contractors, and at the same time help the Foundation’s charges.

If you have an idea for a different kind of cooperation, please contact us!

Contact for companies

If you have any questions, please contact us

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