Teenagers 18+

Select the type of donation you wish to make and the amount you wish to donate. Any help is very valuable to us. Give young people a chance for a good start in life.


30 euro will allow you to do your shopping to provide one day of food for an independent person.


50 euro will pay your phone bill.


100 euro will buy a pair of shoes.


Decide for yourself how much you are able to donate. Whatever amount you choose, any amount will greatly help our charges.

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Young people leaving orphanages are confronted with an unknown reality. They are accompanied by uncertainty and fear for the future. They have no relatives to ask for help. Challenges abound all around them. They feel crossed out by the world around them.

At the Happy Way Foundation we extend a helping hand to young adults in need. We constantly take care of 130 self-reliant pupils who have left the orphanages in Warsaw and Lodz.

We always try to be close to our charges, but to make this possible we need help from people with big hearts. Your donations are a chance for young people to learn adulthood and become fully independent in the future.

How do we work?

Independence assistants

We provide our charges with individual and comprehensive support. This is possible thanks to our own programme based on the work of independence assistants. This is illustrated by Marcin’s story.

Marcin grew up in a children’s home and left the institution when he was 18. He went to live with his father, who after a short time relapsed into alcoholism. Marcin was in a panic: he had no job and no money. He felt that he was about to lose the roof over his head.

An empowerment assistant helped him in a crisis situation. Together they managed to arrange the formalities so that Marcin could get a social flat. Further visits to the authorities were a valuable lesson for the boy. Today he handles such matters on his own.

Even before he moved, Marcin and his assistant created his first CV and prepared for interviews. He found a job in a clothing shop.

The crisis situation was resolved. Marcin started to plan for the future, learning about his strengths with the help of an empowerment assistant.

Vocational courses and education

Many of our clients, including Marcin, have problems with keeping a job in the long term. They often don’t have a university degree and earn the lowest wages in the country. Marcin was losing one job after another and felt powerless.

During a meeting with his assistant, Marcin came up with an idea for himself. DIY and motoring have always been his hobbies, so he dreamt of taking a vocational course to become a forklift operator or other machine operator.

We support the dreams and well-considered decisions of our charges. We try to finance as many vocational courses as possible and enable them to continue their education. This is possible thanks to the commitment of our dear donors.

Marcin managed to finish the course, thanks to which he found a stable and well-paid job in a production company. He feels needed, he knows his job, he believes in himself again.

Peer group activities

In addition to individual work with an independence assistant, our charges have many opportunities to meet in a peer group. These take the form of workshops or Social Skills Trainings.

It is an opportunity to spend free time in a pleasant way, as well as to learn how to cook, plan the household budget, function on the job market, and even how to clean and arrange his diet.

It was there that Marcin learnt how to take care of his flat and what risks loans and credits entailed, which tempted him from advertisements and billboards.

Let us write more stories of our charges

Marcin has already come all the way to our Foundation. He will soon turn 26, and we are sure that he will not only be an independent person, but also a responsible, aware and good adult.

His story is one of dozens that our charges can write thanks to your support.

Every donation is a chance for young adults to change their lives for the better. You are helping them take the next steps on the road to full independence!