Teenagers 14-17

Select the type of donation you wish to make and the amount you wish to donate. Any help is very valuable to us. Help young people take their lives in the right direction.


30 euro will allow you to buy a theatre ticket and broaden your horizons.


50 euro will pay for one hour of tutoring in maths or English, which our pupils usually cannot cope with.


200 euro will enable the purchase of corrective glasses.


Decide for yourself how much you are able to donate. Whatever amount you choose, any amount will greatly help our charges.

Credit card and e-transfer transactions are settled through Dotpay.pl


In Warsaw and Lodz we support over 100 young people aged 14-17. They stay in orphanages and foster families.

For young people of this age, relationships with peers and friends are very important. The group motivates the kids, gives them confidence and allows them to discover their strengths.

That is why we attach great importance to group workshops, such as the “Skills Academy”. This is an opportunity to build relationships and learn together in many areas: from household budgeting and job searching, to savoir vivre and diet planning.

Equally important for us is the individual approach to each of the kids. We want to give them the opportunity to develop on their own terms and at their own pace.

Each of our charges works every day with an independence assistant, their guardian angel. They can always talk to him, ask for advice. They also plan their goals together and look for ways to achieve them:

Sometimes it will be to improve their academic performance – tutors help.
Other times, the goal is to find and polish one’s talent. Sometimes it is a matter of improving one’s academic performance – a tutor will help with that.
And when therapeutic help is a priority, we offer young people the help of specialists.
Each of our charges has a different story.

Marysia is 15 years old. She is in 7th grade and her passions are sport and music. Before she came to the centre, she lived in a family with an alcohol problem. She was lonely and abandoned. As a result, she is behind in school, but she has decided to catch up to fight for herself and her future! Your support will allow Marysia to participate in tutoring!

Wojtek is 16 years old. He has been in a children’s home for eight years. He got there when his mum died suddenly and his dad’s health deteriorated because of that and she was not able to raise her son. Can you believe this boy never gave up? His future lies in cooking, and he has enrolled in a catering technical school. He willingly takes part in workshops and cooking classes. Thanks to you, Wojtek will be able to develop his passion!

Kamil is 16 years old. He has been in an orphanage for two years. His dad went to prison, his mum broke down and got depressed. This took its toll on the boy’s academic performance. Kamil has already come a long way, he has caught up and is studying at an IT technical college. It’s time for another step! The boy dreams about a programming course, which will help him find a job and a good life in the future. Thanks to you, it will be possible!

Start supporting our teenage charges today!