Happy Gyms

Happy Way gyms are now operating in Warsaw and Łódź. What are they?

They are places of comprehensive support for young people from orphanages, as well as for young people who have left the institutions and are beginning their way to full independence.

We enable the younger charges to discover their strengths and talents. We support their personal and professional development. They work on this on a daily basis with their independence assistants. But that is not all, as the kids also participate in numerous social skills workshops and can benefit from the assistance of specialists. They take part in classes with tutors, psychologists, pedagogues and career advisors. Educational support is also provided in the form of tutoring.

After leaving children’s homes, young people are often left completely alone. That is why he needs the support of an independence assistant all the more, with whom he has a strong bond and can trust. Our young adults learn how to make decisions, plan expenses and run a household. Together we familiarise them with “adult life”, which they enter without any role models to build on. We help them gain competencies in vocational courses, find jobs and housing. We are with our charges when they are preparing for their high school exams, but also for the renovation of their first flat, in which they will live alone. Our goal is reached when the young person is ready for a fully independent life and no longer needs our help.

In both age groups there are also young mothers. Raising a child is a big challenge, even if you have the full support of your family and loved ones. If a young woman is in this new situation all alone – it can simply overwhelm her. At the Gym, girls can prepare for childbirth and then learn parenting skills under the guidance of experts and share their experiences within the support group for young mums. In difficult situations, we support the girls and their babies in kind, and also organise the help of babysitters.

All these activities and everyday miracles are possible thanks to the commitment of our wonderful partners, donors, volunteers and the entire staff of the Foundation. It is their big hearts, commitment, competence, passions, energy and desire to share their potential that drives our Gyms.

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