9 August 2022


What a beautiful time it was! We have just returned from the camp in Bęsia, where

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23 June 2022

Collaboration with ZDROFIT – a sound mind in a sound body

The summer holidays are coming, the diplomas are waiting to be handed out. But what

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30 May 2022

Internship at HEBE

The beginning of a career path is a difficult road, when everyone is just

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30 May 2022

Cooking Workshops

Teaching the skills needed to start living independently is one of the

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18 May 2022

Communication Skills Workshops

The main aim of all the workshops we run for our kids in Warsaw and Łódź is to

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21 April 2022

Cultural outings

On the one hand, the smell of popcorn and a big-budget production that takes your

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11 April 2022

Mentoring 2.0 at HAYS

March saw another meeting of the Mentoring 2.0 series, this time hosted by the Hays

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31 March 2022

Recognise Your Strengths Trips

March was pretty intense! Behind us are this year’s first Recognise Your

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22 February 2022

Foundation’s team training

From the very beginning of the Foundation’s existence we want to effectively

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5 January 2022

Christmas 2021 – summary

The last months of the year are a really bustling and emotional time at the

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25 November 2021

We want to be rappers!

Music, beats and words straight from the heart. A sincere message and sensitivity

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9 November 2021

Mentoring 2.0 – first meeting

The Happy Way Foundation, together with SIXT rent a car, has launched an initiative

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30 September 2021

Fun is a serious matter – workshops

Our project, organised with the support of IKEA Polska, is in progress. Our charges

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3 September 2021 Młody chłopak w trudnej sytuacji

Crisis situations. How do we act?

There are difficult and unpredictable moments at the Happy Way Foundation. Young

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27 August 2021

The long-awaited vacations – report

Uf, but it was happening! We’ve just returned from our camp, the Howling

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14 June 2021

Why is it worth supporting young people from orphanages?

Youth from foster homes face many challenges. Maturation, a difficult past, a mass

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8 February 2021 Młody chłopak pije herbatę przykryty kocem

Working and learning together about everyday life

After leaving foster care, young people find themselves in a very different

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21 December 2020 Własnoręcznie przygotowane pierniczki

The holidays are getting closer and closer!

This year December is much quieter than usual for us… There is a lack of

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