Select the type of donation you wish to make and the amount you wish to donate. Any help is greatly appreciated. Help young mothers to be able to take care of themselves and their baby.


30 euro will allow you to buy basic baby care products.


50 euro will enable the purchase of a pack of nappies for the baby.


100 euro will provide 5 hours of childcare so that a single mother can start work or complete her education.


Decide for yourself how much you are able to donate. Whatever amount you choose, any amount will greatly help young mothers from orphanages and their children.

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In the Happy Way Foundation we take special care of young mothers from orphanages and those who start their independent lives and raise their children after leaving the institutions. The girls often have no relatives they can count on. They are accompanied by uncertainty, and yet so soon they must become adults, independent and responsible. It is a daunting challenge.

In Warsaw and Łódź we support 40 young mothers and their children. In order to be able to provide the girls with comprehensive care, we ask for your help. Only together we can give them a helping hand.

Support during pregnancy

Marta, an 18-year-old ward of an orphanage, came to the Foundation being eight months pregnant. She was afraid of labour, she didn’t know where to look for help.

A consultation with a midwife helped her a lot and she answered all her questions about giving birth. She also joined our support group for young mums. There, the leader and more experienced mums told her exactly how to prepare for her stay in hospital. Your help helps to fund medical and mental support for young mothers and pregnant women.

The first days after the birth

Ola gave birth to Jacus two years ago, when she was living with her grandmother in a one-room flat after leaving the orphanage. We still remember talking to Ola at that time. There was a real fear in her eyes for Jacus’ future and her own.

We continued to provide mental support and managed to organise therapy for the young mother. Jack grew like a bee. Ola was short of money for basic products. To help the family, we prepared material support: clothes, cosmetic items for the baby, necessary medicines and food.

When Ola got a social flat, we helped to renovate and furnish it. Today Ola smiles more often and talks about the future with hope. She is already looking for a job, which she will start when Jacuś enters the nursery. We still want to support her.

By making a donation to young mums, you provide layettes for the little ones and help the family start a life in decent conditions.

Learning parenting and more

Klaudia grew up in a family with an alcohol problem, her parents are now deceased. She gave birth to her daughter Zosia after leaving the children’s home, when she was 20 years old. The girl works full time, it is difficult to reconcile this with Zosia’s kindergarten. Unfortunately, Klaudia has no relatives.

Klaudia once confessed with tears in her eyes that she doesn’t know how to play with Julka, because nobody played with her either. “How do I know how to do it?” – she asked.

The problem was solved gradually, thanks to the parenting skills workshop at the Foundation. It was there that Klaudia learned, among other things, sensory games and how to speak to Julka to positively influence her development.

We have also managed to arrange for a babysitter to pick up Julka from the kindergarten when Klaudia has to be at work. This has made life much easier for our busy and brave girl!

Your donation is a chance for the girls to be even better mothers, and for the little ones to have a happy childhood!