We accompany young people from children’s homes on their way to happy adulthood.
We help them see their worth and reach for their dreams, so that they become responsible for themselves and others.

Mission of the Happy Way Foundation

We support young people leaving care to start an adult and responsible life. We know what problems these young people, who are already adults, have to face. Few of them cope well with life. We want this to change, which is why we have set up the Happy Path Foundation.

We aim to teach young people specific skills and competences that will enable them to run their own households in the future. We teach kids how to manage a household budget, make decisions, confidently navigate the economic and legal environment, and participate in social and cultural life.

We know that the best way to teach these skills is through workshops and practical exercises. We also know that these young people need the support of wise adults. That is why our Foundation’s programme includes a very important role for Independence Assistants who can guide a person’s academic, personal and social development by accurately recognising their potential.

We want these young people to be strong and able to use their freedom responsibly and consciously, and to find joy in managing their own lives.

We invite you to support our activities. Children are waiting for wise and good adults!