Christmas 2021 – summary

The last months of the year are a really bustling and emotional time at the Foundation. Intensive preparations for Christmas and Christmas Eve meetings at the Foundation. Meetings with our charges as often as possible, so that nobody feels lonely at that time. All this complemented with preparation for the challenges waiting in the new year. However, the smiles of our charges as well as the amazing atmosphere we felt both in Łódź and Warsaw are the strongest fuel. What is most beautiful – we do not act alone.

Who and how helped us?

We can count on the wonderful gestures of all the people who support our charges through donations.

Thanks to them in November and December we managed to collect as much as PLN 13 400. 

We are also supported by our Partners. During the holiday season, we were able to operate more efficiently thanks to the support of the companies: Hays, PwC, CMS, Okaeri Consulting. 

What have we done for youth?

The combined support of individuals and business representatives has allowed us to: 

  • Organize in Warsaw and Lodz a series of pre-Christmas meetings for young people, during which we baked and decorated gingerbread, decorated a Christmas tree, made Christmas cards and learned to play instruments; 
  • Hold 4 Christmas meetings for each age group, with carols, talks, gifts, delicious borscht and dumplings. The kids also received personal letters from their assistants summarizing what they had accomplished in the past year;
  • Purchase gifts for a total of 217 wards who were recently supported by us; 
  • W czasie spotkań z Mikołajem dzieci naszych podopiecznych otrzymały wymarzone prezenty, o których wcześniej pisały w listach.

Thanks to your help, we disenchanted Christmas.

Together we showed them that Christmas doesn’t have to be associated with negativity. Because Christmas is great when we’re together.

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