Fun is a serious matter – workshops

Our project, organised with the support of IKEA Polska, is in progress. Our charges are learning ecological attitudes and daily habits that are good for the environment. The last workshop had a touch of competition!

Caring for the planet is a high stakes game. That is why in Łódź we played a game of our own educational board game. By playing we learned how each of us can take care of the environment.

We split into teams and the game began. The quiz questions required us to be clever and to know about ecology. We discussed each question in detail so that none of us left the workshop with any doubts. There were also practical tasks connected with waste segregation, reusing clothes and other items in the spirit of zero-waste.

Combining ecological theory and practice with fun is a way to acquire knowledge in a form in which one simply wants to participate.

The workshops were held within the framework of a project funded by IKEA, thank you for your support!

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