Why is it worth supporting young people from orphanages?

Spotkanie z podopiecznymi Fundacji Szczęśliwej Drogi

Youth from foster homes face many challenges. Maturation, a difficult past, a mass of questions about the future. These young people have the same dreams as their peers, but a much more difficult path to their goals. Can we change that?

Of course we do! Our kids are able to reach for the stars! But they need help of wise adults, who will give them a chance for further development and fulfillment of their potential.

Your support for the charges of the Happy Way Foundation is a chance for young people to have a better start and a good future. It is also an opportunity to change a part of the world for the better.

So what are the most important reasons to support the wards of the Happy Way Foundation, and to support the development of public benefit organizations? We have selected a few of them!

You are changing the world of young people from orphanages

First and foremost, by helping, you make a real difference in the future of young people in need. You are giving more than hope – you are providing them with the tools to one day set out on their own into adulthood.

Each donation or 1% of tax is a helping hand extended to a particular child and support in their everyday problems.

Together, we help young people of all ages. We are with teenagers who are in foster homes and young adults who are starting out on their own. We also never forget the young moms who grew up in orphanages.

Grupa młodzieży bawi się na rozwojowych warsztatach
Podopieczni Fundacji w czasie warsztatów w Łodzi
ratownik z kołem ratunkowym idzie z chłopcem nad jezioro
Each of us can help young people from orphanages

Your commitment and support is for the underlings of The Way Of Happiness Foundation:

  • diagnosis of talents and strengths,
  • Individual work with an independence assistant,
  • more therapy hours,
  • classes with tutors,
  • participation in tutoring,
  • group workshops and social skills trainings,
  • co-financing of vocational courses,
  • a chance to complete their education,
  • assistance with housing repairs,
  • assistance in access to health care,
  • in crisis situations – in-kind and food support…
  • and much more!

The journey to adulthood and independence is never easy, but with your help the chances for success of our charges increase every day. It is thanks to you that our help can be regular, based on close relations with specialists and on thorough analysis of needs and potential of young people.

Our kids are taking important steps in life, and you can make that possible and start accompanying them.

We operate effectively as a public benefit organization

In 2021, it will be 6 years since we’ve been helping our kids. During this time we have reached with our support over 650 young people. We started our operations in Piaseczno, then we moved to Warsaw and in 2020 we expanded our operations to Łódź.

The guests, friends and the Foundation team during FSD’s birthday party

Our comprehensive support program is aimed at young people in foster care (children’s homes and foster families) who are learning independence and responsibility. Our charges work with foster care assistants on a daily basis and bravely face challenges, often despite the lack of help from parents and other relatives.

Working with an Individual Assistant allows you to build a relationship and bond that helps you to spread your wings, learn about your strengths and talents. This makes it easier to plan activities and set goals for the future.

We focus on innovative activities and original support programs. These become a reality in the following series of workshops, as well as in the camps we organize. In 2018 we were recognized as the most innovative and innovative NGO in Warsaw, thanks to which we received the S3KTOR 2018 award.

The more of us, the more effectively we help children from orphanages

Many of our activities could not be undertaken if it were not for the commitment of big-hearted donors. Working together, we can achieve amazing goals, and there is no shortage of good examples to prove it!

Without our wonderful donors and partners we would not be able to renovate the Happy Way Gym in Warsaw and Lodz. These are places where each of our charges can take part in workshops, meet with an independence assistant or simply do their homework or relax.

Thanks to your commitment, we will be able to help more of our mentees with housing repairs and fund vocational courses for them.

Another thing we manage to do only thanks to the involvement of a wonderful community of donors are therapeutic camps. It is at these camps that we are able to work with the kids continuously, recharge them with positive energy, help them learn about their strengths and cope with their problems.

By getting involved in helping young people, you can change not one, but many lives.

Siłownia Szczęśliwej Drogi w Łodzi
A glance at the Lodz’s Gym
Podopieczni Fundacji w czasie obozu  wakacyjnego
Obóz wakacyjny w Okunince

Simply put, good comes back

Warsztaty w czasie obozu
We are all connected – good comes back!

We believe in deep and sincere relationships. Not only with the mentees, but also with every person we can meet, act and help.

It is because of the relationships we have cultivated over the years that our children can always count on us. We experience first-hand that the support coming from a good heart will soon return to us with redoubled force.

When you help, you meet new people and show them your smile, kindness and commitment.  Isn’t that the best calling card and encouragement to have someone else help you when you need it?

By creating a community of people who are open to the needs of others, we stir up a wave of goodness and charity that can carry us on our happy ways together!

You can deduct the donation from your tax

There are also advantages that are very tangible. Any donation made to our Foundation for the benefit of young people from orphanages is tax deductible. How to do it?

When you file your annual return, all you need is a confirmation of the transfer made to our account or a confirmation of the payment made by DotPay. You don’t need to attach it to the documentation, but it should be kept for five years in case of an audit. You will also find details HERE.

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