Collaboration with ZDROFIT – a sound mind in a sound body

The summer holidays are coming, the diplomas are waiting to be handed out. But what has the school year been like for our kids in terms of physical activity? Did they look after their shape in addition to their studies?

Anyone who follows our social media has surely noticed that the answer is YES! Several of our charges bravely and regularly attended fitness clubs to improve their condition, build healthy habits and try new challenges. They were eager to share their progress with us, sending lots of photos!

Good cooperation and opportunity for young people

All of this was possible thanks to the support of ZDROFIT fitness club chain, which once again donated free annual passes to our charges.

It is important to recognise the importance of supporting the physical development of our young Heroes and Heroines who are growing up in or have left orphanages and are beginning their independent journey.

It has long been known that movement can replace many medicines, but no medicine can replace movement. Physical activity not only affects health, it also helps to cope with emotions and stress, to find time to relax and to clear your head in the rush of everyday life.

Exercise is not only about physical development

Depending on their age, our charges derive completely different experiences and values from regular training.

For younger children, learning is easier when they can count on a regular boost of endorphins from physical activity. In addition, exercise provides an opportunity to be alone and to collect one’s thoughts – in a children’s home, you are constantly in a group, and everyone sometimes wants some time alone.

The adult charges learn through training how to organise their daily schedule, how to reconcile their duties with their rest (which can be forgotten due to workload!). Exercise also adds a certain rhythm to the day and week. This is very important at the beginning of the independent path of our charges. When they leave the institutions, a lot of things are new, everyday life is turned upside down. The sense of having a good routine provides a foundation for building self-confidence and stability.

What’s next?

We are sure that many of our charges will also visit fitness clubs during the summer holidays, so that the condition developed during the year will not go to waste. Others, on the other hand, will want to return to exercises from September and we believe that thanks to further fruitful cooperation with the network of ZDROFIT fitness clubs it will be possible.

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