“Math Lab”

At The Way Of Happiness Foundation we are always looking for new, innovative and effective pedagogical solutions. We go out of the school desk and show our pupils how to use the acquired knowledge in practice. 

This is the goal of the “Math Lab”. It is a series of workshops during which we show mathematics to kids from a completely new, life-enhancing and entertaining perspective. We want to arouse interest in the queen of sciences in those children who do not like it, and also in those who have problems with it. 

In the Lab, kids “touch” math: solving math puzzles, budgeting a birthday party and a trip to Greece, and building a bridge on their own according to Leonardo da Vinci’s design.

During the classes we also learned about the profiles and achievements of prominent mathematicians, such as Stefan Banach and Karol Borsuk. Their colorful biographies are an inspiration for the kids and another reason to like mathematics. Since such interesting people have devoted their entire lives to it… it is worth giving the Queen of Sciences another chance. 🙂 

The project was co-financed by the mBank Foundation.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

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