Mentoring 2.0 at HAYS

March saw another meeting of the Mentoring 2.0 series, this time hosted by the Hays Poland team. What surprises did they prepare for our kids?

The young people had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the work of a large recruitment organisation. An excellently designed and conducted programme of activities ensured that each participant found something interesting.

After a brief talk about the work of the company, our group split into smaller teams to get a taste of what is most important in Mentoring 2.0 – PRACTICE.

The different departments of the company prepared special tasks for our kids. The challenges concerned:

  • issues of employee recruitment itself,
  • marketing,
  • human resources management,
  • administration,
  • and even accounting (where the young people learned that Excel does not have to be boring, on the contrary – it hides many fascinating possibilities!).

All the tasks were completed brilliantly and the youngsters asked their mentors lots of questions, for which there was time over a shared pizza.

We all feel that Mentoring 2.0 is delivering the results we dreamed of, which is best illustrated by a sentence from one of our charges:

‘All in all, I could work in recruitment, especially in a company like this.’

Martyna, workshop participant

We would like to thank Hays Poland for the fact that together we were able to broaden the horizons of our kids and inspire them to further develop and explore their career path.

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