Mentoring 2.0 – first meeting

The Happy Way Foundation, together with SIXT rent a car, has launched an initiative to support young people from children’s homes in choosing their career path.

“What will you be when you grow up?”, “What are your plans for the future?” – these questions, growing up, everyone has heard. But how can we find an answer when we cannot count on loved ones, when there are no role models around, when we do not even have the opportunity to discover ourselves?

This is the reality of teenagers from children’s homes. They are acting in the dark, they often go to a school that someone else has chosen for them, and then they go to whatever job they happen to find. Why? Because they do not know what their options are, what the labour market looks like. They do not believe in their talents and do not feel that they can control their own future.

Mentoring 2.0 – new perspectives
This is where the idea for Mentoring 2.0 came from. The first meeting of this type took place at the SIXT rent a car headquarters. It was a few hours of classes that showed a group of young people from orphanages how to work in a car rental company from behind the scenes.

We focus on practice, which is why our charges could try their hand at being employees of various departments. Mr Łukasz Żurek, the President of SIXT in Poland, also shared his career path and choices with the young people, which made a great impression on them. For them, this is a new perspective and invaluable experience, which broadens their horizons and shows that it is worth investing in themselves to enjoy a happy life and dream job in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation and fruitful meeting!

We hope to organise further Mentoring 2.0 meetings, both in SIXT rent a car and in other companies which are interested in showing the youth from orphanages the possibilities of development in their offices and plants.

About SIXT rent a car
For over 100 years, the world of travel and business has been touched by SIXT. The company specialises in short and long-term vehicle rentals, and its representative offices are present in 142 countries and serve customers in over 4,000 locations worldwide.

The Polish branch of the brand was established in 2002. It was one of the first players on the market to offer a completely new format of mobility – limousine services and car rental.